Frequently Asked Questions About Heath Village Barn

We are asked a number of questions at the enquiry stage so we have put together a list of those questions that may assist you in deciding if The Barn is going to be suitable for your event.

If there is a question that we have not included, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

Are tables and chairs provided at the hall?

We have 2 large wooden tables permanently located in the main hall. There are also 9 small card tables and 8 lightweight folding tables that are approx 6ft in length and seat 6-8 adults.

We have a total of 60 chairs available in the Hall.

Can alcohol be brought into the building?
Alcohol may not be sold during an event or party without a licence being obtained from Central Bedfordshire Council prior to your booking date. If guests are socially drinking during a private party, this is allowed as long as noise levels are kept low and people are respectful of our neighbours.
Can I put a bouncy castle in the hall?
Unfortunately, the hall is too small to fit a commercial sized bouncy castle but the smaller plug-in type will fit. On good weather days, the outside area can be used for play equipment.


Our best advice would to speak to one of the suppliers for advice on what will fit in the hall as they have a wide variety of equipment and are very familiar with the layout of the The Barn. Visit our ‘Business Link‘ page for further details.

Can you supply AV Equipment with my booking?
AV Equipment can be hired and installed by our approved supplier. Speak with Michele or send an email to – for further information.
Do you have baby changing facilities?
We have a baby changing table located in the ladies toilet and potties and steps in both the gentlemen and ladies’ toilets. There are also nappy sacks and a bin provided in the ladies toilet though we do ask these are removed from the premises at the end of your booking.
How many people can the hall hold?

We are licenced to hold 50 people seated and 75 standing in accordance with the Fire Regulations issued for The Barn.

For community and charity events that are held both inside and outside the barn, there are no upper limits providing the number of visitors fluctuate  during the event.

Is there a garden or play area?
We have a large, fully enclosed garden area that is accessible via the fire exit without the need to walk through the car park. It is all grass area and play equipment can be brought along to use.
Is there disabled access and facilities?
Unfortunately, we do not have the funding at this stage to adapt the building. The main building is accessed by 2 steps with a handrail, on this level, there are the toilets and kitchen area. The main hall is then accessed by a further 3 steps with a handrail. Inside the main hall, there are 3 further steps up onto the stage area and a fire exit.
What kitchen facilities are there?

The Barn has had a complete kitchen refit and includes an induction hob together with a fridge and freezer. We have a kettle, kettle urn, microwave, small sized oven, mugs, cups and saucers, cutlery, a small selection of serving dishes and plates. Basic utensils, bread knives, bottle openers etc are also supplied. We also have 3 juice/ water jugs. kitchen towel, tea towels and black bags are supplied in a small quantity but you are advised to bring your own to ensure you have enough for your booking. You will need glasses or plastic cups, plates and bowls, additional serving jugs.